Teala Dunn

Teala Dunn

Meet Teala Dunn!

Age: 19

Fun Fact: Teala has many acting credits, such as Are We There Yet (the TV series), Disney’s Enchanted, and more!

Why She’s Nominated: The spirited beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger has gained a devoted following, who count down the days (and hours!) until a new challenge, get ready with me or haul video is posted by Teala.

TigerBeat: How does it feel to be nominated for our 19 Under 19 program for Beauty?  

Teala Dunn: It feels awesome. I’m very excited to be a part of something like this, that empowers this generation.

TigerBeat: What would you say to someone who questions whether people are capable of accomplishing big things at a young age?  

Teala: Dunn: I think a lot of older people think you have to have graduated college to be successful, but in this generation, you can have a career at 12 years old. Age really doesn’t matter anymore.

TigerBeat: What have you learned since you started your YouTube channel?  

Teala Dunn: I’ve learned you can’t please everyone. There are so many girls who hate on girls for literally no reason. It happens with my fans at school, and even I get cyber bullied a lot. You just have to take it with a grain of salt and realize it’s better to be authentic and real, rather than try to change for someone else.

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