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Name: Elle Fanning

Age: 19

Charity: “REALgirl”

Fun Fact: She has ties to the Royal Family, as a distant cousin to Kate Middleton.

Name: Hania Guiagoussou

Age: 18

Charity: WaterSaver

Fun Fact: She is the youngest recipient of Oracle’s 2015 Duke’s Choice Award for her WaterSaver project.

“I thought coding was just guys in cubicles, everything you see on TV, I didn’t think it was fun, I didn’t think you could use your creativity, I thought it was just typing on a computer. It seemed boring. Now I view knowing how to code as super powers you can use to help others and change the world. I see coding as a way you can express your creativity and your artistic skills. I see coding as another outlet to express yourself.”


Name: Ziad Ahmed

Age: 18

Charity: Redefy

Fun Fact: He attended the 2015 White House dinner where President Barack Obama recognized him for his work.


Name: Patricia Manubay

Age: 18

Charity: Dream Boxes

Fun Fact: Her two main hobbies are writing and fashion, and she even competed in poetry while in high school.

“My dream, that I kind of established when I was 12, was that I wanted to change the world.”

I started #DreamBoxes when I was 17 years old in high school. This year I am turning 20 and starting my third year in college. In less than three years I've provided school supplies for over 70,000 students across the United States and in the Philippines. With the help of the @jeffersonawards I was able to start my own national service project that ultimately changed how I viewed life and how I lived it. I am happy to announce that today I pushed out what's left. I donated 50+ backpacks, 100+ dream boxes, and over 3,000 school supplies to the Jefferson School District for students in need with the help of Our Second Home. Service has taught me that I am no ordinary person, but more importantly: no one is. Believe in people, believe in the power of choosing the type of person you want to be, and believe in changing the world, because the first step of changing anything (and yourself) is believing that you can. Thank you to everyone who has supported me these past few years, it's been a crazy ride (ps. it doesnt end here, stay tuned) #JeffersonAwards #Lead360 #Globechanger #Oursecondhome

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Names: Max and Jake Klein

Age: 14

Charity: Kids That Do Good

Fun Fact: Both Max and Jake want to continue to pursue careers in philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

“We’ve learned since we were young that it doesn’t take much to make somebody’s life better,” he says. “Whether you walk somebody’s dog or help an elderly person cross the street, as long as you’re doing something, that’s all that matters.”

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