Kayla Maisonet

Kayla Maisonet
Courtesy of Kayla Maisonet / instagram

Meet Kayla Maisonet!

Age: 18

Fun fact: She has two pet Chihuahuas.

Why She’s Nominated: Starting off as a recurring character in Disney Channel’s Dog With A Blog, Kayla quickly became a fan-favorite and gained a starring role as Georgie in Stuck in the Middle. Anything’s possible for Kayla, there’s no telling what this actress has in store for the future!

“I hope younger girls who see me wearing my natural hair are like, oh I can actually keep my hair like that, there’s someone like me. When I was younger, I didn’t see that, so I wanted to straighten it all the time and I did and I damaged. Now, I want to embrace it and I want to fill that gap in TV that doesn’t necessarily show girls with natural hair.”

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