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Darci Lynne Farmer’s emotional “AGT” audition 

Age: 12

Fun Fact: Darci loves Chester’s Hot Fries and says that she could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Jack Jack Coley falls in love with Snow White at Disney World

Age: 3

Fun Fact: A year later, Jack Jack revisited Snow White and his mom recorded a second video.


Talented Tavaris Jones dances on “The Ellen Show” 

Age: 5

Fun Fact: While on the show, he revealed to Ellen that he would like a little brother or sister.


Genavieve Minkowski spontaneously performs in a thrift shop

Age: 18

Fun Fact: She has never taken vocal lessons.


Tiffany Day sings into well in Italy 

Age: 17

Fun Fact: After receiving so much support from the video, she switched career paths and snow focusing on music.

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