Best Viner

Best Viner
Instagram/ Brent Rivera

Name: Matthew Espinosa
Age: 19
Fun Fact: Matthew recently made his film debut in the movie “Be Somebody.”

Name: Jake Paul
Age: 19
Fun Fact: Jake’s brother Logan is also a Viner.

Name: Lohanthony
Age: 17
Fun Fact: Anthony stars in the new Awesomeness TV series “Lohanthony & Rickey’s Guide to Dating.”

Name: Brent Rivera
Age: 18
Fun Fact: Brent stars alongside Ryan Newman, Nathan Kress and more in the upcoming movie “Alexander IRL.”

Name: Ava and Katie Ryan
Age: 6
Fun Fact: Ava loves dancing, the zoo and going out to eat.

Name: The Cece Show
Age: 7
Fun Fact: Kevin Hart is a huge fan of Cece’s vines.

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