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Group: Forever in Your Mind

Members: Emery Kelly (19), Ricky Garcia (18), Liam Attridge (18)

Fun Fact: They wrote a holiday song titled “Naughty List.”


Group: Why Don’t We

Members: Daniel Seavey (18), Zach Herron (16), Corbyn Besson (18), Jack Avery, (17) Jonah Marais (18)

Fun Fact: The band’s go-to restaurant is Chipotle.


Group: The Bomb Digz

Members: Kevin Alston (16), Daniel Veda (16), Devin Gordon (16)

Fun Fact: Devin appeared in Beyonce’s music video “Let’s Move.”


Group: New Hope Club

Members: Reece Bibby (19), Blake Richardson (17 ), George Smith (18)

Fun Fact: If they weren’t pursuing a career in music, George would want to be a gardener, Reece would be doing something involving math, and Blake would be interested in art and interior design.


Group: L2M

Members: Lexi Drew (13), Mariangeli Collado (14), Jenna Simmons (13), McKenzie Mack (13), Tati McQuay (13)

Fun Fact: All the girls love pulling pranks on one another.

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