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Name: Yara Shahidi

Age: 17

Fun Fact: Her favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream.

“I am looking forward to breaking of barriers of beauty and making it more inclusive…I feel like it is a form of self-expression and whether it is through makeup, whether it’s through clothes,  through music, through just being loud and in your space: it is important to define beauty in a way that people feel as though it doesn’t matter what state they’re in and what moment they’re in their life, but feel as though they can fully own the word.”

📚(Lit)erary Vacation turn up 📚

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Name: Rowan Blanchard

Age: 15

Fun Fact: She is a pescatarian but also allergic to shellfish.


Name: Willow Smith

Age: 16

Fun Fact: She likes to freestyle and sing what she feels in the moment.

Being so far away from what I perceive as a polluted metropolis, I couldn't stand seeing these beautiful beaches in Greece littered with trash. I saw seagulls, dead on their backs from choking on tiny slivers of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials; They even die from eating fish who have ingested these particle-size slivers. 4 beautiful humans accompanied my mom and I in gathering 22 trash bags full of plastics and urban debris off of 3 small beaches in Antípaxos, Greece. When we see these things on our TV's or phones it seems far away for some reason; But when it's right in front of you I feel as though it is humanities responsibility to do as much as we can (in the moment and long-term) no matter how small the action is. As we all start to do our part, we gradually make a difference. Hopefully today we were able to elongate and preserve the beauty & existence of the local sea life.

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Name: Laurie Hernandez

Age: 17

Fun Fact: If she weren’t a gymnast, she would want to be an actress.


Name: Chloe Lukasiak

Age: 16

Fun Fact: She hates pizza.

Stop and smell the flowers @calaviespa 🌻💛 #CHLOEandCHRISTIatCALAVIE

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Name: Bailee Madison

Age: 17

Fun Fact: Her favorite word is fudge-knuckles, a word her sister says all the time, because she says it’s polite and classy.

look in the mirror, and smile… YOU are beautiful.

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