Jose Pepe Leon

Names: Max and Harvey Mills

Age: 14

Fun Fact: Harvey was born two minutes before Max.


Names: Lisa and Lena Mantler

Age: 14

Fun Fact: They would both love to meet Selena Gomez.


Names: Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight

Age: 17

Fun Fact: Although they’re still in high school, these twins still plan on continuing making Youtube videos in college either together or at separated schools.


Names: Daniella and Devenity Perkins

Ages: 17 and 13

Fun Fact: Before, Dani and Deven started a website called WzTheBuzz that they made into a business.


Names: Ethan and Grayson Dolan

Age: 17

Fun Fact: They’ve both wrestled competitively.


Names: Johnny and Lauren Orlando

Ages: 14 and 12

Fun Fact: Lauren can touch her tongue to her nose and Johnny can make his eyes shake.

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